This is the last step to your mastery of the world of e-mail marketing. If you held on up to this moment, you have a great chance to change things for the better. Everything is a part of something bigger: relationships that are co-dependent and support one another.

A system which takes care of customers should be will be a pleasure. What could be better than taking care of and spoiling your customers? Unfortunately, this also isn’t very common in most companies.

Let’s remember the traditional, these days dysfunctional, selling cycle. Your contact with the customer should not end at the sale. In a successful company, this would be just the beginning.

How to thrill the customer and get him/her to come back and recommend your company to others? You need a system. Again, it’s about the map that keeps you oriented and let´s you know what to do in the particular moment. What actually happens at the moment when customers say “yes”? Who’s taking care of them, what are you sending them and what kind of present they receive? How will communication continue? When will you inquire if the customer was satisfied or needs anything else? When you send a satisfaction survey, ask for a reference or a recommendation?

These are the steps that are noticeable in all prosperous companies world-wide. Each one has a system that takes care of their customers. Why? Because they know very well, that getting a new customer is 7 times more expensive than keeping one that already exists. Stop wasting money to find new clients. Rather invest to keep your existing customers happy, so they stay with you for a very long time.

Let us know about the system of taking care for customers that you are part of. What you like about it and what irritates you on social sites or send us an e-mail: info@contactportal.com

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