The human factor in the communication field is indispensable. Regardless, you can still use automation to deliver interesting information which people want to see on your site and that will help them. This way it can be done immediately, quickly, at a low price and non-stop, 24 hours a day. The tools that enable us to do this are autoresponders, SmartCampaigns or auto-mails.

They are messages that the system sends automatically, according to the set conditions. You create these messages, configure the settings and they can serve you for months or even years.

How to save time

The SmartCampaigns ensure the sending of important information to all new contacts. You don’t have to worry that a human error will be made: something is forgotten or incorrect information will be sent. That won’t happen again. The SmartCampaign gets rid of all of the manual work that is often the reason for preventable mistakes and is often not even realizable.

How to surprise

Set auto-emails to send messages for special occasions and surprise your recipients daily. You can send satisfaction surveys, offer special anniversary discounts or send birthday and holiday wishes. This all will improve your relationship with your recipients. Surprise your customers whenever it’s possible.

Campaign maintenance and follow-up

As we mentioned in the Strategies chapter, a key to a successful business today is follow-up marketing and campaign persistence. It’s the series of e-mails sent to the contacts after you obtain their address.

You can be sending a continuous newsletter and progressing the maintenance and follow-up of the campaign in the meantime. These campaigns inform and build reliance, letting your contact know that you’re always here and ready to help.

An example of this campaign:

  1. The customers came to your web and are interested in your free e-book offer

  2. The visitor filled in the form and SmartCampaign automatically sent the promised e-book

  3. After a week, send the visitor another e-mail through SmartCampaign. Find out about satisfaction. Recommend another material from your web site if the visitor was satisfied.

  4. After a month, send your visitor an e-mail where you mention a current bargain offer. This way the campaign goes on and on. You are only limited by your creativity.

Remember that you already invested energy as well as finances to attract the visitor to your web site for the first time. It would be wasted money if you don´t try to sustain communication with him/her. As much as 80% of the deals are closed after the 5th interaction with a customer. 90% of the vendors give up before the 5th interaction. But you already know why you want to continue. 

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