How not to end up in the junk mail?

The issue of messages marked as spam is relatively complicated. Sometimes even a relevant message sent to a verified contact list can be caught up by antispam filter. It won’t get delivered or will “just” fall to the folder of unwanted messages.

Every e-mail is controlled on its way from sender to recipient by different servers and checked if it is spam. It gets a certain number of points and if it has enough points, it will be delivered. If not, it gets trapped. That’s why sometimes even a relevant message can be marked as a spam. There are hundreds of different versions of e-mail browsers in the world and each has its own settings. Along with it, there are settings for corporative servers etc.

But you don´t have to worry. Usually there are only a few of these e-mails. As long as you use special services, have quality content and a contact database, the undelivered messages won’t be your problem.

How often to send?

How to set up a period and how often to send to the database depends on 2 circumstances.

Put together these 2 things:

=> How often am I able to create valuable content?

Now put yourself into the recipient’s shoes and ask yourself.

=> How often am I willing to read messages with such content?

Daily, once a week, monthly, quarterly? Nothing is ever completely good or bad. Trust your instinct. It’s usually right. How often to send mainly depends on what you are sending and to whom, what your recipients are used to and how often you are able to create valuable content. You can also send e-mails that differ in their content so then the period can vary.

Tip: Better to skip an e-mail than to send a low-quality e-mail without interesting content.

Don’t forget, that people are quick to forget. Therefore, if someone registers but you don’t send anything for 2 months, that person will wonder who on earth is addressing them. Make sure you don´t lose the attention of your contacts, keep them in mind, have a positive relationship and cultivate activity through continuous communication. Reminding them of yourself at least once a month is a good practice.

When to send?

Here, any advice is valuable. Often, you have no other choice but other than trial and error or relying on your own intuition. There are investigations and statistics that claim different days in a week to be the best. We recommend using what you test yourself and what works for your database according to you. You are the one who knows your clients in the most detail.

Each database is different. Someone contacts companies, someone focuses more on the final consumer. Someone sends commercial e-mails and someone else perhaps community messages.

In the business area, there is a rumor going around, that Monday and Friday are not the best choices. Although a nice Friday morning email when people are a bit free doesn’t have to be so bad.

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