A lot of companies spend a lot of money on a nice-looking web so that SEO, PPC and other online activities perform better. But often this does nothing to keep the customer on the web, offer something interesting or ask for a contact. If you are not doing this, your web is missing the business spirit and is only a sort of electrical flyer and business card in one.

Take a look at your website and ask yourself:

  • What is its purpose?

  • What should the visitors primarily learn here?

  • What do I want them to do when they visit the website?

  • What am I doing to get their contact?

The web is not so different from any other store. The principle is the same, the desired outcome is that many people visit your store and make purchases. How many web site vendors are effectively selling and gathering their contacts?

Do it this way. Don’t ever let the customer leave before you ask for a contact. When you have a contact, you are very close to wining. There is a great chance, that if you communicate with this contact goes the right way, it will become your future customer. We have talked about this in more detail in the previous articles.

If you don’t have many contacts, you are not asking for them

It’s often easier than it first may appear. Just ask for their contact and you may be surprised how many visitors will gladly give it to you. Try getting it at various places and in different ways. Of course, there are certain rules. You need to seem reliable and not want it for free. Offer an exchange for valuable content. Here the the win-win rule also applies. Why shouldn’t I provide you with my contact when I also get something out of it?

Show them that the counter value you offer in exchange for a contact is beneficial enough, so everyone will say yes without hesitation. We briefly talked about creating this content in the previous section: Step 2. – Creating valuable content.

Creating valuable content is fundamental for building your database. A database filled with contacts who are excited and who are interested in what you do and love to receive more information from you. Motivating your customers to give you their contact by offering them something in return is the most effective way of building a database with relevant contacts. Event if you won’t remember any of the information that you are reading or will read in the next paragraphs, this is the one that is worth more than gold: do not underestimate the system of building a database.

Managing contacts effectively

A well-arranged database with contacts is the gold mine of every successful company. Each contact is your potential customer so every lost business card or chart in Excel may cost you a lot. Keep your contacts with basic information organized and online. Arrange the categories of contacts and make different folders.

How to arrange contacts?

  • Make a folder according to the main categories and types of your contacts.

  • Then make a folder with active and sustaining contacts

  • Make folders for web registrations

Web forms

Web forms are your secret weapon. They are the most effective for a quick build-up of a contact database. Prepare valuable content, insert your sites and forms, and the database building can begin. Take a look at the sites of your competition. How many of them have forms on their sites that offer free valuable content? This is your chance.

You already have thousands of contacts

You think you don’t have enough? Wrong! Tell everyone in your company that you are starting with e-mail marketing and ask them to:

  • Search the drawers and look for all business cards

  • Go through their Outlook, Gmail and other address books with contacts

  • Search for old excel files with contacts

  • Look for presentation sheets, registration cards, questionnaires

  • Peek into informational systems, accounting programs, CMS applications and so on

  • Gather all other contacts and e-mail addresses that they have

Then put it all together and you will be surprised how many contacts your company has to start building your database. 

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