If you don’t want to get lost in the inbox of your contact´s mailbox, you need to step out of the crowd. The most important is content, content and again content. Only send what you would also want to be receive: something that would catch your interest, what would make you as a customer happy. What would amuse you? What information could help you? How could you be helpful to someone?

The best source of your valuable content is your know-how. Your knowledge is your unique skill and value that you can benefit from. There is nothing to be afraid of. Even if you give away 10 percent of your know-how, you still have 90 left. And if you impress your customers, they will gladly pay you for the rest of your knowledge. Most people wouldn’t repair their car if you just send them a DVD with the manual. Most likely they would ask you to repair it. Because you are an expert in your area and everyone that has watched the DVD had a chance to find out.

So, what should you be sending?

Everything that is related to your field of knowledge. Interesting articles, opinions, newsfeeds, analysis, FAQs, case studies, experience and advice, tips, instructions, exploration, questionnaires…for example create some educational e-books, directories, procedures, or a short series.

All of this can be called valuable content. Yours will be the one that is different from the number of others that are just selling or sending spam. Because you are offering actual value and you are offering it FOR FREE, you will get people´s interest and their trust. They will get to know more about you and see that you really understand what you are doing.

Thanks to that, you can build a relationship and establish commerce. Valuable content opens the door for your potential customers. Then just wait for the right moment, when they show an interest in your products or services. The customer won’t have a reason to seek somewhere else.

The customers know you, trust you and are familiar with your work. They read your materials and know that they can rely on you because you have been voluntarily sending helpful messages without wanting them to buy anything.

Good advice is worth more than gold

Studies have shown that free advice has a great effect on the next decision-making process of your future customers. You are actually indirectly making your readers commit to you and their subconsciousness would like to reward you for that. So, when their subconsciousness is ready to reward you is the right time to bring up your selling offer. Alternate the selling emails with the advisory and helpful ones. Customers will love you!

Content plan

It’s best to plan ahead. What valuable content will you create this month? What are you going to send next month? What about in half a year? Plan ahead, that’s the only way to avoid stress and discomfort. Your content will be of a higher quality when you don’t create it under pressure.

Planning is generally an underestimated area of marketing. But do you actually know of any successful company that is bad at planning? Take a look at the store chains that already know in the summer which sweets they will be selling during Christmas.

Plan the content you will be sending at least 3-6 months ahead. Organize a plan for sending out messages, plan for promotional events, partnership events etc. You will thank yourself later.

E-mails are read by people

Don’t forget that your emails are read by people just like you. The law of attraction works everywhere. You are what your customers are. If you send them e-mails you wouldn’t read yourself, something is wrong.

Don’t forget to imagine yourself getting an e-mail and asking yourself:

  • Who sent this?

  • What do they want from me?

  • Why should I be interested?

  • What am I going to get out of this?

  • What should I do?

 E-mails doesn’t only carry the content. E-mails alert, grasps attention, call on action. It could be better to place the content on your website, but there are cases where a long e-mail reads better. Therefore, we suggest that you test this rule on your own database.

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