Marketing techniques and tools depend on one another. Their main strength come from their collective acting and mutual interconnection. One action is related to the other, supporting and complementing it. It works similarly in e-mail marketing.

What is the difference between a rich and a poor company?

Take a look around and see how companies gain their customers. We could compare it to shooting with your eyes closed and still hoping to strike. Or they just hit in one direction, but more intensely, using for example telemarketing, direct mailing or spam.

Companies usually use this cycle:

  1. Arouse someone´s attention

  2. Sell, sell and sell as much as possible

  3. Get new customers

  4. Attempt to help

  5. And here we go again

Relationships are essential

If you have a contact database, you need to work with it, improve it and update it.

  • 80of contacts that you think are lost could still be buyers in the next 2 years

  • Persistence is key. Each contact is a potential customer, because 81of deals are closed after the 5th interaction

  • 90% of marketing agents give up before the 5th interaction with the potential customer

Most businessmen looking for the new contacts, not knowing how to benefit from the customer base that has already been built by working hard in the past. But, there is a way to increase sales by high percentages. How is it possible?

Easy. Do not throw those 90% of customers that said no in the bin. Keep paying attention and reminding them of yourself. Praise yourself, tell them about news, about what you can do, that you are an expert in your area. Great things will start to happen.

Help first, then sell

Most companies use e-mail for selling only. Start up your own e-mail campaign and offer an incomparable benefit. The campaign will be successful and you will re-send it. The second, the third and so on are not so interesting anymore. The first wave of interest is gone. How about sending your customers something they could actually benefit from? Something that won’t sell, but it will help out? You are an expert in your area so you know what your customers are searching for, what information they need. Give it to them before they even ask for it.

Remember that today’s contact is tomorrow’s customer.

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